Important Upcoming Events 2015:


Thursday, January 29th- National School Choice Week Begins~English Spelling Bee

Friday, January 30th- “Education is Important” Speech~ Students will be learning about how education is important.

Monday, February 2nd, – Locker/Cubby Decoration Day~ Students will be able to decorate their lockers from outside.

Tuesday, February 3rd, – Bake Sale

Wednesday, February 4th- Wear your Furqaan Academy T-Shirt Gym at the Annerino Gym Center.

Thursday, February 5th- Essay Submission Deadline Topic~ “What makes my school special?”

Friday, February 6th- School Science Fair~ Last Day of National School Choice Week.

Monday, February 9th- Painting Contest Submission Deadline.

Tuesday, February 10th- Parents Committee Meeting~ 8:30 AM- 2nd Floor Library.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics


Furqaan Academy has become official members of  Science Technology Engineering Mathematics!



Winners from Today’s Spelling Bee are 1/29/15:  

First Grade Winners: Ibrahim Zayed (3rd Place), Noor Meftah (2nd Place), and Saadia Musani (1st Place)

Second Grade Winners: Alisha Bilal (3rd Place), Faris Pena (2nd Place), and Rayyan Sayeed (1st Place)

Third Grade Winners: Rabia Bilal (3rd Place), Maryam Khan (2nd Place), and Aisha Gazi (1st Place)

Fourth and Fifth Grade Winners: Ali Atiq (3rd Place), Afnan Kadri (2nd Place), and Nida Sayeed (1st Place)

Junior High: Ibrahim Sayeed (2nd Place) and Kulsoom Mahmood (1st Place)

High School Girls: Madihah Yousuf (2nd Place) and Rasha Sayeed (1st Place)

High School Boys: Elham Tairi (2nd Place) and Asad Sayeed (1st Place)



Winners from the Helping Hand Contest 11/22/14:

1st Place Qirat: Rasha Syed

1st Place: Nasheed:  Saadia Musani

2nd Place Qirat: Asad Sayeed & Rayaan Sayeed

2nd Place: Nasheed: Osama Ryan & Asad Sayeed

3rd Place: Qirat: Osama Rayan

3rd Place:  Nasheed: Amir Dadar,  Summer Atiq& Ibrahim Sayeed



Furqaan Academy staff and administration are proud to announce that one of the full time hifdh student, Ziauddin Ahmed has completed memorizing Quran MashaAllah. We would like to thank Ziauddin’s family for encouraging him to be part of this program and excel!


Ziauddin Ahmed, MashaAlalh mabrook on the completion of memorization of Quran. May Allah (swt) make you a bearer of Quran, Ameen! Please click the link below:


Furqaan Academy’s 13 year old Hafidh student leading Tarweeh 2014


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